Secure Your Pocket: How to Choose the Best RFID Blocking Wallets

Did you know that there is an electronic way of pick-pocketing?

RFID or Radio-Frequency Identification uses radio frequency to capture and read any information stored inside a tag, which is attached to an electronic object – just like a microchip; while a chip store and process data, it can receive and transmit signal.

Sadly, by detecting the chips specific serial number, thieves are able to gather pertinent information that involves your identity and your finances. At 7 feet away, thieves can electronically pickpocket you your money and your information by sending radio-frequency to your credit cards, ATMs, and even your Social Security card that is kept inside your wallet.

Technically, RFID has a huge benefit; however, criminals these days are becoming clever and technologically genius, you can’t let your guard down. Fortunately, there are wallets that are designed with RFID blocking.

What is RFID blocking?

The RFID blocking is a tool that is designed to block radio-frequency from an RFID able device. The RFID-blocking system can be added to the wallet, sleeves, passport covers, and more; this is to keep your cards, including your credit cards, ATMs, and other cards that have an RFID inlay.

How to choose the best RFID blocking wallets?

Electronic pick-pocketing is now becoming pandemic; if you do not want to become a victim of electronic thievery, you should really invest a good RFID blocking wallet. Here are top ways on how to choose the best RFID blocking wallet:

1. Know the different types of RFID blocking wallet

There several types of RFID blocking wallet that are available in the market today; these include the following:

•    Bifold – A rectangular-shaped wallet that is folded into two and the most popular type RFID blocking wallet today.
•    Card case – Used to keep and organize credit cards, ID, and other important cards.
•    Breast wallets – Designed with numerous compartments.
•    Travel wallets – These are a slim-sized wallet that is used to keep passports and other essential items.

2. Look for an RFID blocking wallet that meets quality standards

The point of purchasing an RFID blocking wallet is to block the radio-waves from RFID device; if you are going to purchase an RFID blocking wallet, you should look for a brand that meets the required standards. Also, it must be made from quality materials.

Moreover, choose an RFID blocking wallet that can block the RFID device’s signal strength up to 13.45 MHz and up to 7 feet away. If you are in doubt about the wallet’s RFID blocking ability, you should check reliable RFID blocking wallet reviews at an honest and unbiased RFID blocking review site – just like the Secure Your Pocket.

3. Look for an RFID blocking wallet that guarantees durability

A very durable RFID blocking wallet will guarantee your cards’ information safe and secured from all types of RFID devices. So, choose an RFID blocking wallet that is durable.

There are a lot of ways to choose a reliable and durable RFID blocking wallet; if you are still unsure which one to choose, you may read reliable posts and reviews at Secure Your Pocket’s website.

Which External Hard Drives Are Among The Most Reliable


Among the most reliable hard drives are judged according to the following criteria.

Hard disk drives vs. Solid state drives
These are the two main types of portable hard disk. The difference is mainly on how the data or information is stored for HHD data is stored on a spinning disk which is higher the cause of many HHD failure while SSDs have no moving components hence making them more reliable. SSDs are more costly.

Storage amount.
Amount of storage really matters when it comes to portable hard drives. If you are a photographer it’s highly expected for you to fill the hard drive quickly hence it’s highly recommended you get a drive with more capacity.

A vast number of drives connect via USB and most especially USB3.Although there is still USB 2.0 drives, those connecting with firewire and thunderbolt. It’s upon you to decide on the type of connection you would wish use.

Operating system.
Although most reliable external hard drive are programmed to work with both macOS as well as windows it’s important to check the level of compatibility of your drive with the type of operating system you are working with.
Here is a chart for the best portable hard drive in the market according to their suitability

1. 2TB Hard Drive Western Digital Elements

Here are the reasons why you will love the 2TB Hard Drive Western Digital Elements, for starters this has and is still a leading name in the word of hard drives for both the external and internal drives. The firm’s drives are very reliable as well as affordable thus when well-taken care of. The driver boasts up to two Terabytes of storage space, this too much for most of us. This carters for those with even bigger needs for storage.

Touching on connection speeds, the portable drive connects via USB 3.0 as it offers a speed of 5 gigabytes per second which in drive speed is very fast. It is formatted for windows operating system, but it’s easily reformatted for macOS serving every operating system.

The drive is affordable it goes for $75 as its 1TB version goes for $55.its highly ranked in amazon with 4.6 stars. Its con is its low write speed of 5400 rotations in a minute, this can be a disadvantage to those in audio and video editing industry but most individuals need are catered for with this great option

2. Seagate Expansion 4TB hard drive

If you are looking for a great drive in terms of capacity Seagate is your option, it has a 4TB storage capacity, USB of 3.0 with a backward compatibility of USB 2.0 matching those with old computers, it is formatted for windows by default, making this a tradeoff for Mac users.

3. G-Technology G-Drive

This drive comes in handy for those individuals with the need of a faster write and read speeds. Are you planning to edit a video or audio file on a portable hard drive, then this is your best option? Its speed is 7200 rotations per minute. As opposed to other hard drives this is already pre-formatted for both Windows and Mac operating system.
Its biggest con is its price given it comes with less storage space.


Latest Reviews Of Iphone VR Headsets

The virtual reality is getting more and more popular nowadays. It allows a person to feel a video like a real life thing. These VR headsets come for Playstation and Android. Samsung Gear VR is very popular these days nut unfortunately, it is supported only with Samsung Galaxy S6 or higher models of Samsung Galaxy S series which means that it will not work with any iOS device. And not only Gear VR, there is actually no VR headset made for iPhone but some can be used with iPhones. So without any further ado, let’s check the iPhone compatible VR Headsets.


This one is compatible with phones like iPhone 6S Plus. The focal length of this headset can be adjusted. The field of view is of 100 degrees. There is a strap which holds the device to your head and it can be adjusted according to one’s head’s size. This headset is lightweighted which is a good thing as it also covers the upper part of your nose and heavy headsets may cause a bit pain which makes them quite uncomfortable. And this headset is compatible with most of the phones other than iPhone. The price is also very affordable for a VR headset.


This is mostly considered the best VR headset for iPhones according to iphone vr headset reviews. Usually, the VR headsets are made of hard plastic but the Merge VR is made up of foam. Its whole body is of soft foam and it also has a strap to hold it on your head. Because it’s foam, it feels incredibly light and comfortable on the head. It also allows you to adjust the focal length. There are 2 sliders at the top of the headset which helps in managing the dual lens focus and user controls. The price for this VR headset is very cheap for what it provides.


This is just like the Homido VR Headset in features. As the name suggests, it is made up of cardboard only. These headsets are portable. You can carry them anywhere easily. Although there is a chance for these to get broken easily because of the body material. There is also an unofficial Cardboard VR which is extremely cheap and the official Google Cardboard VR can be folded and comes at a low price. There is no strap or anything available to tie it to your head and thus it will cause pain in your hands while watching longer videos and you cannot play games also.


The View Master DLX VR is a bit different from other headsets as its phone mount is redesigned so much more phones could fit in it. There is a focal wheel available for viewing sharper images. Headphones are supported and the lens is upgraded. The View Master DLX also comes with some different skins like Batman etc. Due to the redesigned phone mount, the regular iPhone and iPhone S models are compatible and easily adjusted in it. The functionality is also good.
So these were the Virtual Reality headsets which will work with your iPhones. These headsets provided above support most of the iPhones and work pretty good for average experience of VR. But the Merge VR beats all the headsets because of the design, comfort and functionality but it all depends on the person that what he needs.

Reviews Of Awesome Apps For Your Virtual Reality Headset


Having the Oculus Rift as your virtual reality headset is awesome. However, it might not be affordable always. Does that mean you cannot experience the pleasures of a VR? Not at all. If you drop in at you would be delighted to find several VR headsets that fit your budget.

This is 2016, the age of technology and such technologies enable apps that can be easily found and are best for virtual reality purposes. Mind you, using apps will only show you the potential of what VR can actually be. Its because the concept of VR is still in its infancy and the apps only use the most basic necessities and features present in the Smartphone.

There are various kinds of applications that are developed by top companies in order to initiate the interest of a user in VR. The page will list out five of the best VR headset apps that are free and available for both android and iOS.

The Best Apps of Virtual Reality Headset

1. Google Cardboard Headset

This is one of the most popular apps developed by Google that’s completely free for Android and iOS. Over here, you can see the entire wrap of the world through Google Earth ending over the Arctic. Best features include:

· Inexpensive

· Enables user to watch movies

· Equipped with VR front camera functions


The NYT VR is an app that is developed by the New York Times where virtual reality is given a go for the purpose of more news exploration and communication. Exploring this app will take you to the world in and beyond of the planets, underneath the ocean and through the centers where the New York Times cover a story like the World trade center.

The best features include:

· Updated and daily news from around the corners of this world

· Frequent updates and great video quality

3. InCell VR: Game about cells and Viruses

This app uses the concept of Virtual Reality to portray the educational information of human cells in the manner of a game. The effect of InCell will make you feel like you are flying through human cells as they are recreated.

The best features include:

· Interesting and fun

· Colorful and educative


RYOT is a film production firm that impressed the Huffington Post so much that they bought RYOT in the year of 2015. This app focuses on the production of series of documentaries while depicting the various issues of this world such as riots, refugees, natural calamities, etc.

The best features include:

· Highly educational

· Emphasis and awareness on various serious day to day topics

5. Jaunt VR

The Jaunt VR is the combination of entertainment but through serious issues of the world. It portrays short films, live performances by stars like Paul McCartney and Jack White. At the same time, news from Syria through ABC News is reported.

The best features of Jaunt include:

· Packed with fun videos and sources of entertainment

· Focuses on the reporting of immediate and ongoing serious news of the world

Therefore, go ahead and try the various awesome apps for your Virtual Reality Headset. These while portraying serious issues are interesting and absolutely fun. You need not worry about having the HTC Drive anymore since just a Smartphone will do.

Why A Bluetooth Speaker Is A Great Gift!

great gift


Music is the favorite thing which you can enjoy with you friends. Due to the development of technology, a Bluetooth speaker is the great gift that you can give someone. It can help during the dance parties, in picnics and also at olive gardens. Choosing a Bluetooth speaker as a gift is an activity which is confusing that everyone endures but there some sites online like which helps you make a good choice. It is portable and you can carry it to wherever you want. It produces loud volumes that can last for more hours and is rechargeable through a USB.

The Bluetooth speaker’s dream wave bubble pod is among the Bluetooth speaker which has brightest colors for selection. This will fit a child well if the gift was intended for her/him. The following are among the top best

Bluetooth speaker you need to buy as gift:

JBL Xtreme portable wireless Bluetooth speaker

It is powerful and it is designed in using base tanks to it radiators that are passive. Its top and middle are nice and clear.JBL Xtreme Bluetooth speaker can offer a 15 hour playback of in between chargers.

Braven 850 wireless Bluetooth speaker

It has quality of its audios. It has a 8,800 MAh battery that can offer 20 hours play back. It is a good option of a speaker at home.

UE Boom wireless

It has a 360 degree exposure for base explosion out of the speaker. They are of different typesi.e.those that resist water and the life ones.

Harman Kardon Onyx

It is a high performance Bluetooth speaker that has excellent base and vocals. It can offer up 5 hours playback without charging it.

A Bluetooth speaker is the last minute gift idea .It can bring music to the room of the receiver of the gift without involving sound systems that are big with several wires. They are effective and affordable. Some have WI-FI capabilities at a wider reach.


How Does A Paper Shredder Work

paper shredder

Simon has long served as global leader in paper shredding and continues to raise the bar with new models such as the SIMON S3330 24. Despite a move by many offices to go digital, the Shredthepaper continues to play an important role in the security, recycling and sustainability ambitions of corporations and even residential households across the United States.

While a popular device in the professional world, the mechanics of paper shredders are rarely understood outside of the manufacturers or technicians that service the product. But in this article, we aim to demystified that commoditzed product and help your better understand the functionality that drives your paper shredder.

The Basic Use

Paper shredders are typically used by offices to destroy sensitive information. Think sensitive company information such as strategies, design plans and customer details. More frequently the standard office shredder has found a use in condensing paper for recycling purposes, which is another positive development in reducing a company’s carbon footprint.

Shredder Mechanics

The sharp edges inside the mouth of a shredder cut the paper into small pieces.The slices are so fine that any document that meets the shredder is virtually almost impossible to reassemble. Inside the sharp edges, or occasionally blades, achieve the fine shreds by their proximity to one another. To ensure that your shredded document is not a series of identical strips, newer models stagger the blades to upend any line consistencies. More innovative models now frequently include a blade that comes across the bottom, slicing the strips into even smaller shards. The SIMON S3330 fits this category. It’s unique crosscut technology slices and dices paper into 2mmx15mm slithers, similar to the size a single piece of confetti. The shredded document is then traditional caught in a container that makes for easy and secure disposal.

Failsafe Features

Espionage films popularized the idea that paper shredders can easily jam. In yesteryear, this was more common, but technological breakthroughs limit the potential to jam and malfunction your shredder. But this can still happen due to a number of reasons – loading the shredder with too many sheets, lack of oil in the shredder to grease the blades and inserting more solid items. It is now more common to see new models of shredders to trigger an emergency shutoff feature when a jam occur. This feature also allows you to turn off the power to the teeth quickly. The SIMON range of paper shredders helped revolutionise this idea, allowing for 10 sheets to be shredded simultaneously and the ability to dispose of items like outdated credit cards and CDs.

Bulk shredding

Commercial shredders are understandably larger than the office or home variety, capable to handling higher volumes and tougher surfaces. The main difference in functionality is that they use a ream feed or hopper bucket to shred the documents. Impressively, commercial and industrial shredder provide a more efficient and timely experience. For example, industrial shredders, often used to pulp paper can shred nearly 5000 pounds of paper and other materials per hour. The same functional principles apply to their smaller cousins, but the high costs make these a more prohibitive purchase.

Which Are The Best Hand Held Scanner Brands?

best hand held scanners










Finding the right handheld scanner is challenging, because they come in all sizes, designd and they can perform just anything.However, the handheld scanners in the market are fine tuned to perform specific tasks and that is why you should be extra careful when purchasing one & should know all about scanners.

When you know what and how often you expect to use a handheld scanner, you will know which are the best hand held Scanner brands and the features to look for in them. There are three basic designs of handheld scanners and each is used in different ways. The fan shaped handheld scanner, wand scanner, and bar scanners.

Any new handheld that you buy can have a few quirks, but with a little practice you will be able to scan anything accurately. The trick is in ensuring that the image to be scanned is flat and steady at all times. If you shake your hand or freeze for a moment, you are likely to get shaky images and text. Bad text and shaky images can also be caused by low batteries in your device, so it is imperative to check your batteries before you start scanning.

If you want to best answer the question, which are the best hands held scanner brands, you will have to read the below review on some top handheld scanners to make an informed decision. The Vu point latest magic wand comes with a large LCD screen that lets you see what you are actually scanning.

These scanners have been in the business for a long time and they are known for quality work. The data that you scan is usually stored in a micro SD card and it can handle pages that are ten inches tall. It also uses AA batteries that are cheap and easy to get.

Tao tronics scanner

A Tao tronics scanner is the best handheld scanner to use in any business. They are high in resolution and come with rechargeable batteries that last longer. It is considered as the best option and alternative to Vu point magic wand. It also uses micro SD card to store data and you can transfer them with ease. These devices come with an option of wireless, but if you want quality work, you should use the SD card instead.

Wolverine handheld scanner

If you are looking for something lightweight and works faster, then you can go for wolverine handheld scanner. You can carry this scanner around without even noticing it. The device has its own software used for processing and all you need is to transfer all the data using a cable to your computer. It also has rollers to make scanning smooth and faster. With just a single switch, you will have various colors in the device.

SVP Combo scanner

There is also a device that gives thought to what you want to do with it and works faster and accurately in processing data and images.SVP Combo scanner can be used as a straight handheld scanner and once you dock the wand, it can process the pages automatically. It also comes with an in built alarm to keep reminding you of the speed that it can cope with while scanning.

There is also a display that indicates battery life and tells you the space that is left while processing. You can use the above handheld scanners to choose the best device that you will buy. The best hand held scanners are the ones that will fit your needs and serve you well.

Free CRM Software For Freelancers

freelancer crm

When it comes to freelancers, they do not have many contacts and relationships in the start up phase. They come with the time. Because for a freelancer, the main purpose will be producing income. The best way to produce income and to benefit from it is by cutting off your expenses. And even freelancers grow and their activity grows as well.

CRM for freelancers

What most of them would like to have is a free CRM software for freelancers. Such as the one at More and more companies and freelancers choose to use a CRM software to replace that old agenda which is heavy and so tied to themselves. Some of them might still be using an Excel file to store information and eventual follow ups.

Benefits & advantages

The benefit of a free CRM software for freelancers lays within the idea itself. In a growing economy and with businesses showing up day after day, it is important for us to be able to encourage new, most of the times young, freelancers to learn how to grow and organize themselves from the very beginning. For a freelancers, using such a software might be the key of success!Conditions. A free CRM software for freelancers will limit the number of clients you can include. For example, freelancers are given the opportunity to include 7 clients in their CRM software for free. The moment their database will grow, there will be several other plans they could choose from. We believe in the quality of our product and we would like to have you as a client in our CRM database as well.

Of course you still have the option of using an agenda and pen down whatever you consider to be important with regards to a particular client. As human beings, we are meant to forget. And it happens when we least expect it. One day, you might be forgetting your agenda at home or in a coffee shop where you just had the meeting and the problem is that you really want to mention something very important regarding Mr. Smith.We offer you a software you can even have on your phone as an application. Easy to open and access information, you can quickly insert a note which you can modify at any other moment.


The crm software free for freelancers includes a calendar or scheduling tool that enables you to organize your meetings or deadlines and link them to a certain customer. You can consider CRM software as your very best friend. It will never leave you as the storage is online and it will always remind you things so that you stay out of problems.


Another aspect of our free CRM software for freelancers is your email. What can be better than being able to relate a certain email to a certain customer ? This way, you won’t have any issues in finding a particular email with solid information when in need. The best option is for your to have a Gmail account as it binds perfectly. Do consider checking our website and if you need further clarification, we are available for you!

Steelseries H Wireless Gaming Headset Reviewed

Wireles gaming headset


SteelSeries H wireless gaming headset is a seriously high-end gaming headset that features a variety of amazing characteristics. According to the, it includes almost every feature you would expect from a high-tech gaming headset, including an excellent desktop USB controller with an inbuilt battery charger. Gamers hate lag passionately, and most of them believe that it goes hand in hand with the peripherals. So when the SteelSeries stepped-up with H Wireless Headset, it was so easy for gamers to take notice of such a great advancement in their field, and especially since the company has boundless passion for gaming.

SteelSeries H Wireless- Design

The H Wireless is not the sleekest headset you can ever lay your hands on, but believe it or not, it is an amazing piece of technology that you would probably love all the way. Especially because it is less fussed-over compared to the Astro A50’s design. It has a stylish, compact body that is made of matte and a glossy black plastic, and with an orange inner accents.

The circular ear cups provides a perfect tight fit for the ears, whether small or large. The generous padding on its cups and headband keeps the headset very comfortable even for the long gaming sessions. The microphone is uniquely retractable, and has a creatively placed little ring of light around the end to show you when it is on. To turn it off you simply tap the power button.

This headset is characterized with an easy-to-reach menu and volume wheel that mimics the one for USB controller. It adjusts the volume for you by default and will jump into the menu when simply tapped. You can remove the ear-cup covers, and when you do this to the left ear, it reveals the battery. Swapping batteries is an extremely easy affair that won’t take you 10 seconds. Removing the right ear-cup reveals a miniUSB socket used for firmware upgrades.

Beautiful Display

The USB is sleek and minimalist, having just a volume knob, menu wheel, back button and the OLED screen situated to the left and that is hidden away when off. The screen is exceptionally good quality and has crisp, clear readouts offering a perfect visibility from any angle.

Sound Quality

For something that will cost you about 300 dollars, you expect nothing less than a top-tier sound. That is thankfully what you will get with SteelSeries H Wireless Gaming Headset. You get to enjoy its rich 7.1 DolbyDigital virtual surround sound, both with games and movies alike. The clarity of its signal will blindside you in movies and games. Each distinct round fired delivers a startling, satisfying impact against the eardrum. This makes it a perfect model of the brilliance of sound design.

Battery Life

It features two 20-hour battery Packs that allows you to play on and on with minimal need to substitute them, and you won’t have to wait for it to amass a charge. While two packs with such high capacity might appear excessive, it is true that they stretch out for upwards of up to 20 hours apiece.


SteelSeries H Wireless Gaming Headset delivers professional audio without any compromise. It is lag-free, low latency, and boasts 3 Dolby surround sound technologies. It also works on virtually any platform and if you try it out, you will be amazed.