The Best Toilet Seats On The Market

You may not know this, but your toilet seat is very important if you really think about it. The toilet seat will be a fixture in your home for quite some time, if you’re lucky. That’s right, choosing a toilet seat can be slightly tricky. That’s because a toilet seat today isn’t what it once was.

Today’s toilets can take a lot of the work your shoulders that it used to never be able to do. Personalized spa’s are a great luxury to have, and today’s leading manufacturers are making toilet seats to last with their durable construction.

Let’s take a look at three toilet seats,that could make your home a happy bathroom home.

Mayfair 48E2-030

Mayfair has been around the toilet game for nearly fifty years. Providing great products and above the norm satisfaction to their customer-base.

They don’t disappoint with the Mayfair 48E2. This seat is made with luxuries that enhance the user’s experience each and everytime its used.

Made out of molded wood, the slow close feature allows for a quiet and safe touch for your bathroom experience. No more pinching your fingers, and no more loud slams.

Fits all manufacturer’s toilet bowls in Canada and the U.S and the Mayfair comes with a one year warrant for peace of mind.


  • Environmentally friendly
  • Quiet and safe
  • One year warranty
  • The seat fastening system that the seat is made of allows for easy installation as well as added assurance that your seat won’t loosen on you.


No weight limit listed, and yet customers have complained that the seat isn’t made for people weighing over 250lbs.

American Standard 5325.010.020 Champion

Everything about this toilet seat spells C.H.A.M.P.I.O.N. The American Standard Champion seat is made out of solid plastic and come with a cover. It’s sleek and elegant and reasonably priced, so it can be enjoyed by many.

The Champion is made with an easy life off hinges for easy cleaning and easy installing. Fits any toilet bowl out there on the market made by U.S. or Canada manufacturers.


  • Highly durable made from firm and strong plastic.
  • Very comfortable.
  • Slow close defeats loud slams and pinched fingers.


The slow close feature may be a nusiance at times. Customers have complained about having to guide the seat up because it took too long for the seat to go up.

Toto Washlet S350E

Okay, so the other two toilet seats were very nice and all, but this toilet seat seperates the ordinary experience to a luxuries experiences and here’s why:

Toto’s Washlet seat comes equipped with a luxurious elongate shape for extra soothing comfort. Front and rear warm water spray, pressure controls, adjustable temps, and automatic open and close features that really personalize a spa like experience.

A one year warranty to add a litte assurance to the customer, and you also get a illuminate touch pad remote with a two user memory. Now that’s a seat.


  • Warranty
  • Durable and elegant design
  • Pre cleaning mist before every use.
  • Easy open and close for convenient use.


The e-water system, that is used to clean your toilet bowl with the pre cleaning mist works every eight hours. What that means, is that it’ll clean at night and can often be a little noisy. Some customers have complained about the e-water system cleaning being disruptive during their sleep.


The toilet seat market is catering towards offering a personalized spa like environment. The luxuries people want are different than years past. With Toto’s Washlet seat, you get that luxury at a fair price, and the warranty will give you the reassurance of having a quality seat in your bathroom for a long time. Choosing one of these three seats will give you everything you need for you and your bathroom for a long time.

Recipes For Baking Glorious Breads At Home


This article reminds you, of what you can shop to make high-quality bread
which is cheap and delicious, and these include:

1. Wheat

You will need one kilogram of wheat or base on the number of your
family members.For healthy wheat which is nutritious, look for the one which is
not highly processed. Wheat is a core ingredient when making bread, without it
in bread its like a person without a heart.

2 .Pure Water

After shopping wheat, pure water is required to make sure
you make high-quality bread. Don’t forget
that water is also a great ingredient when preparing bread. I guess you know the saying which says; water is
life. Therefore, water is life to the bread when cooking it. Which also is a
great content in your body, since the big percentage of the body is water.

3.Sugar And Sea Salt

When you have got water, sugar and salt are also essential
to make the bread taste good. Remember, salt makes your bread much more appetizing. Just imagine taking food without salt, really it does not taste good. The best kind of salt, I think it’s sea salt. Sugar and salt they are also fine recipes for baking glorious bread at home.

4. Milk

Apart from sea salt and sugar, you may add in some cow’s milk in your dough, this increases its taste. The milk whose fats are not removed for making ghee is also good for you. Really, I want you to shop the
best products and your bread will also be glorious. Since milk contains calcium for strengthening the bones, it’s great for your body to function well.

5. Fresh Yeast

This ingredient is important, to make sure the bread becomes big from what could be its normal
size. Get fresh, dry yeast which will be of good quality for you. Remember you need quality bread, therefore quality materials will give you quality products. Someone quoted it much better, that garbage in garbage out.


You can also add in some butter, which will make it much more delicious to your mouth. Butter is a
great recipe for baking glorious bread at home. It will make the bread cook faster, therefore you spend less time in the kitchen.
I wish you to shop high-quality items from our shop and these are wheat, water, sugar, sea salt, butter, milk. Since I know that when you have got the best, you will come back for the best from our shop. Also, those who will eat on the bread will praise you for that. Do not forget to control the quantity of the ingredients in the dough and the
heat. You can also read about the difference in bread made between bread maker vs oven. It will be good for your body, to consume healthy products. Use good bread pans for cooking it. Don’t forget to check the expiry dates but our shop puts up product which is still on time.

For much more information on how to make high-quality bread or the process to be taken,
search from google. I wish you to have a delicious bread at your table, my dear reader.

What Is A Keyless Entry Door Lock

In this day and age where smartphones and technology rule the market in terms of innovation and accessibility, a lot of our devices and security measures are constantly upgraded to more advanced systems that revolve around personal being.

From personal assistants, automated light controls for our home, to self-driving cars, there is another niche in which smart technology has touched and evolved: door locks.

Currently there are still some of us who use traditional style door locks that require you to have a key with you at all times in order to lock/unlock your home’s door, which has worked until now, but its days has passed because according to keyless entry door locks reviews these smart locks have taken a step in front to make sure that you never lose your keys, or forget to lock your doors.

Keypad door locks

Keypad door locks are the most used and stable style of security for your house. The design permits the use of an old-fashioned key as well, but just in case you forget your key somewhere or you don’t want to take it with you, this keyless door lock has a built-in keypad that can be used for locking/unlocking the door by using a PIN that can be inserted via the keypad in order to secure your door.

Once you plan to leave the house, simply close the door and enter a preset PIN number and the door will automatically lock if it recognizes it, and also when you come home and need to unlock the door, you may enter the previously entered PIN number and the door will unlock automatically.

Bluetooth door locks

Bluetooth technology has involved from smartphones being capable of transferring files between them at relatively high speeds, but also for other accessories to communicate with your smart device and offer a wider accessibility range.

This keyless door lock can be installed as a simple door lock and use it’s incorporated Bluetooth module to pair with your smartphone and offer you the possibility to detected the state of the lock, and also change it’s stated from a wider distance of 30 meters, just in case you forget if you locked the door.

By installing the manufacturer’s application on your smartphone, you will have to pair the smartphone with the keyless door lock and then the application will grant you permission to lock or unlock the door from a distance and also check the status of the lock itself.

RFID door locks

If you do not want to use a traditional key to unlock your door, then you can easily opt for a simpler to use security system which grants the possibility of securing your door by using a RFID card which contains a unique token key only recognized by your lock.

This keyless door lock has an advantage of being locked or unlocked only using this special RFID card that you own. By simply reaching the RFID card to the door lock handler, it recognized the token written on the RFID chip and if it matches, it will open the door for you, or lock it.

As a conclusion to these advanced keyless security systems, there is no harm in upgrading your traditional door lock for something that offers you more control over the protection of your home.

How To Choose A Whole House Humidifier

A whole house is an appliance that helps in maximizing the humidity level of your home and makes the air less dry. Dry air leads to many problems such as dry skin, nose bleeding, skin allergies, cracked wood furniture, etc. These problems can be sorted out effectively by purchasing a feature-rich humidifier.

When buying a whole house humidifier, leading humidifier authority suggests a few things to keep in mind:


First, the size of the unit is important. The size of the humidifier will be decided by several factors, including square footage of the home, the level of insulation in the home and the climate. If you want humidity throughout the house rather than in a single room, you should choose a whole house humidifier.


The second feature to consider is the humidstat, or humidity thermostat. This device helps in controlling the humidity levels in your home. The ideal humidity levels are 40-55%. The right humidstat can easily maintain the desired relative humidity, but not all humidistats are created equal. We recommend that you select a whole house humidifier that includes an automatic, digital humidstat as it automatically shuts off when relative humidity is achieved and does a good job of accurately controlling the humidity level. The automatic humidstat will help in lessening the electricity and water bills and typically integrates with an outdoor temperature sensor.

Noise Consideration

Noise should always be considered when it comes to a whole house humidifier. There are some models that are much louder than others. An ultrasonic humidifier, for example, are much quieter than any other type of humidifier. Consider the amount of noise a humidifier puts off prior to purchasing it.


Some whole house humidifiers will come with a timer or special indicators, while others will not. Some types of timers and indicators that can come on a humidifier can include things like an automatic shut off timer, variable speed timer, and even a low water gauge indicator.

Additional Options

When you purchase a whole house humidifier, there are other options that are available with humidifiers on the market. A humidifier with an air purifier or sterilization mode can be a helpful way to prevent mold or mildew build up. There are some humidifier models that will also have the option for a top-fill, meaning you can directly pour the water for the humidifier in from the top, rather than pulling the unit apart.

Brand of humidifier

The final consideration is the brand of humidifier. When making your choice of the best whole house humidifier, there are several popular brands with differing features and reputations. Aprilaire humidifiers are one of the most popular and well-known in the market. A new Aprilaire humidifier, like the popular Aprilaire 700A or Aprilaire 600A, is always a good option. Honeywell humidifiers and Lennox humidifiers are also recommended and come with different sets of features and benefits to consider.

If you need any more information or have any questions as you consider a whole house humidifier purchase, please do not hesitate to contact our customer support team.

Hamster Cages That Will Keep Your Pet Comfortable

Although this seems out of logic, bathing hamsters in water like cats and dogs may potentially kill them. Due to the fact that hamsters are very small animals, they are unable to handle the loss of heat when put in water at room temperature. Even when put in hot water for bathing, it is dangerous as being wet leads to loss of body heat when the water on their fur evaporates. When the loss of heat exceeds the internal heat production of the hamster, it will lead to the hamster going into a state of shock. They will remain very still as if they were dead. Once they are in a state of shock, owners have to dry their hamster with a towel and put heating pads in the hamster cage for it to regain normal body temperature. Bathing the hamster also removes healthy oils secreted by itself. There is no need to clean hamsters as they keep themselves clean. If there are dirty substances present on the fur of the hamster, use a small brush to brush aside the substance. There are lots of things to consider when choosing a comfortable cage for your hamster and lots of different types of cages to tempt you, but what are the important considerations, you can find out at We have listed some important ones below:

The Size of the Cage

You should buy the biggest cage you can afford and have space for. Your hamster loves to run and play and the more space in the cage, the more exercise he can get. If you can only get a smaller cage, you may need to think of other ways for your hamster to exercise of a regular basis.

Ease of Cleaning

Wire cages are easier and faster to clean. Plastic cages offer a lot of fun for your hamster with more places to play in and explore, however they can be time consuming to take apart and clean. They can be more fun to own, particularly for children, so do not discount them out of hand.

Ventilation for your Hamster cage

Hamsters do not like too humid an environment, so good ventilation is important, Wire cages provide the best ventilation but can need some protection from draughts. Certain plastic cages come with open mesh elements which can resolve both the problem of ventilation whilst offering protection from draughts at the same time.

Hamster Safety

Your hamster will love to explore his cage, and will try to escape if at all possible as hamsters are inquisitive animals, so you need to know the cage you choose will stay secure. Hamsters have been known to be able to open the doors on some cages – if in doubt add an additional quick release fastener to the door to keep your hamster in the best hamster cages that are safe.

Location of the Cage

Your hamster likes to keep amused and will need toys and a wheel to exercise on. If the cage is going to be kept in a bedroom, then you should ensure these toys and especially the wheel, are quiet in use, because hamsters are nocturnal and will be doing a lot of their playing, exercising and feeding at night.

Why You Need Sewing Machine Oil

Why do you need sewing machine oils


There is a huge list of things you need to do as to why you need sewing machine oil to keep your sewing machine in working order but these are the basics that you need to look out for on a daily basis. Not only will this list keep your machine working it is also important for your safety. Sewing machines are not toys. They can maim or even kill if not serviced correctly. For safety reasons we advise unplugging your machine from the mains before attempting to do any maintenance. You can get some more information on safety & correct usage of sweing machines at

Removing Lint

Lint is a build up of fluff from using thread. Although it looks harmless enough it builds up in hard to reach areas and clogs up the mechanism of your sewing machine. Open up any casings you can on your machine and clean the lint out with a small brush. You will generally find a build up near the bobbin case. Don’t use a vacuum cleaner. It has too harsh a suck and can remove small parts and oil. Try to clean the lint from your sewing machine every time you have finished a project. That way your machine will always be ready for use.

Sewing Machine Oil

Use proper oil! Don’t use the stuff you put in your car engine because it won’t penetrate the moving parts properly. Proper sewing machine oil is clear and you may have had some included with the purchase of your machine. If not you can buy it quite easily as most sewing shops. Refer to your owners manual for the areas that need regular oiling. Some machines have these areas marked but check your manual anyway. After oiling run a few stitches over some scrap fabric. This allows any excess oil to escape onto the scrap piece and not on your new sewing project. Oiling your machine properly stops wear and tear and keeps everything working smoothly. It also prevents rust which can form on surface areas. Rust doesn’t only stain your fabrics it gets into the mechanism of your sewing machine and grinds away at the moving parts.

Loose Screws

As you oil your machine check for any screws that may have become loose and tighten them as necessary. Some may require a hex key to tighten so it maybe worth getting hold of a set if you can. If you find a missing screw don’t use the machine until it has been replaced. A missing screw can cause huge damage to your machine particularly if it’s part of the timing mechanism.


Look out for wires that have split or where the outer PVC covering is becoming worn. This won’t usually be a problem on the inside workings of the sewing machine as those wires are generally fixed and don’t move. The most common fault is with the cable on the pedal. Make sure it’s not being stretched when in use. Make sure the outer PVC of the cable is not split and showing the copper inner cores. Check the plug where it fits into your machine. With a lot of use these can wear and become sloppy causing your machine to short out at the most inconvenient of moments. If you find any electrical faults I would advise taking your machine to a competent electrician or servicing agent as you cannot be too careful when it comes to electricity.

To Conclude

As I said in the beginning these are only the basics as to why you need sewing machine oil for sewing machine maintenance. You have to always be sure of one question: does it have enough oil? Later I will go into more detailed servicing but if you follow the simple steps often you will spend less time having your sewing machine repaired and keep your machine in good working order.

Keeping Your Kids Safe While You Work From Home

safe kids


People choose to work from home for various reasons and one of them is to spend more time with their kids. However, juggling the two can be quite challenging and it’s, even more, daunting if your kid is about 7 to 10-month-old that is learning how to crawl. Woe unto you if the kid is a boy and hyperactive.  For more information visit

Hurricane Mitch

Keeping your kids safe while you work from home is one thing, but to achieve it is a different thing altogether. That is what I learned when I decided to work from home and look after my little Tommy when he was only 8.5 months old. To contain him, I needed to have some pretty good reflexes and dexterity in whatever I did. Above all, I needed to always think ahead and anticipate his next move. He only needed a few minutes and he would wreck everything that came in his way. I aptly nicknamed him Mitch after the 1998 Hurricane Mitch, one of the most destructive Hurricanes of the Atlantic.

Baby Playpens, Play yards and Baby Gates

Tommy or Mitch is now 5 years old; thank God there were baby playpens, play yards, and baby gates to help me control him. I not only survived the ordeal but I also I triumphed; however, this was not an easy feat to achieve. To say that baby Mitch hated the playpen would be an understatement; he loathed it with all his might. I had just bought the best pack and play from the local baby stores after researchers on the Internet on how best to contain such a versatile toddler like Mitch.

Holding Area

Certainly, the ”holding area” worked for some few minutes as I went about my work. To hold him for a longer period of time, I would place some of his favorite toys or some picture books inside the pen. If I was lucky, he would go to sleep after some engagement with his toys. At times when I had run out of luck, he would become agitated after a few minutes and start to yell to be let out. To distract him further, I would stock the area around the playpen with toys that teach and are manipulative for his age

Funny enough when I donated the playpen to my sister for my 9-month-old niece, she cries to be put in the holding. Unlike Mitch who would be “silenced” with toys, my little niece prefers kid’s books. To date, her favorite picture book is based from the movie Shrek. She sits there for long periods looking at her books. From my two experiences, this is what I learned – a playpen is dependent upon how adventurous your child is?

Interlocking Type

Tommy just climbed, trying to get out. Later I traded it with the interlocking type and it seemed to work. It supports your kid in utilizing the space they have for multiple purposes. What’s more? It can easily be moved, adapted, and expanded to meet your child’s needs. Additionally, it confines your child to a pre- determined safe area and you can foresee every possible danger in your whole home.

It’s important to note that there no such a thing as child-proof home, no matter how innovative you try. Kids are naturally inquisitive and can simply make the most non-threatening thing in your home an object of destruction. But with the baby playpens, baby yards, and baby gates you might be able to keep the safe and in control.