Features Of Self Cleaning Fish Tank Filter

Many people love the look of a fish tank. The only problem is that they are very hard to clean. It takes a lot of time and energy getting the tank free from algae and other debris. There is now a way a person can enjoy their fish tank without having to worry about cleaning it. There are self cleaning fish tanks that will take care of all the hard work.

Filter System

The self cleaning fish tank filter will balance out the fish ,plants, and bacteria in a delicate ecosystem. All of the nitrates and the ammonia that builds up in the water will be naturally removed. The water will not need to be changed. The filtration system in this take is nature and able to clean itself. There will be no need to remove the filter or to clean it out.

How it Works

Fish waste and uneaten food can lead to a buildup of ammonia in the water which is bad for the fish. The natural bacteria that is found in the filter of this self cleaning tank will turn the ammonia into nitrate. The nitrate is used to provide food and fertilization to the plants in the take. The plants will remove the nitrate from the water and use them to survive. This will leave the water clean and there is no need for a person to wash the tank or change the water.

Heat and Light

The growth of algae can mean there is too much light in the tank. The self cleaning fish tank uses automatic LED lights to prevent the growth of algae. The plants will also get the light they need to undergo photosynthesis and clean the water. The lights are even able to detect the time of day. In the morning they will give off a red light to heat everything up. In the evening the light changes to a cooler blue light. There is also an order ride switch if a person wants to change the settings on their own. These lights will keep the tank at a steady 80 degrees which is warm enough for the fish including most tropical fish.

Additional Tank Information

The tank is able to hold 3.5 gallons of water. It is great for putting on the top of a desk or a coffee table. The tank is perfect for the betta fish , guppies, and many other types.

Plant Life

The tank comes with seven potted plants .they have everything they need to thrive and be health. They are part of the filtration system. The plants are easy to take care of. They may need to be trimmed now and then but that is it. These plants will help make sure that the tank stays clean. The self cleaning fish tank can allow a person to enjoy a nice fish tank without having to worry about keeping it clean. Since the fish tank is able to take care of itself all a person has to do is sit back and enjoy the look of their fish.