Is Alpine Swiss Men’s Lace-Up Dress Shoes the Right One For You?

Do you need to replace your old dress shoes? If you are searching for a replacement, one of the top options you should not miss is Alpine Swiss Lace-Up Dress Shoes for Men.

Unlike globally recognized dress shoe brands that have been in the industry for several years, the Alpine Swiss is quite new. Alpine Swiss is an emerging brand founded in 2010. Despite being new, it has already reached various locations around the U.S., as well as other countries across the seas. Currently based in Los Angeles, California, you can now see Alpine Swiss in various stores in over 45 countries.

Since the beginning of Alpine Swiss, the company has already introduced numerous dress shoe models and designs. Their line of products is unique and functional. And one example of their best creations is Alpine Swiss Lace Up Men’s Oxford Dress Shoes.

What to Expect from Alpine Swiss Lace Up Oxford Dress Shoes?

This dress shoe is one of Alpine Swiss’ best sellers. Buyers admire the quality and features of this product. It is evident from how customer reviews and online sources appreciate its appeal and functionality.

But the question is this; is it the perfect option for you?

Below is a summary of the product’s features to see if it’s the right choice for you.

#1 Fit is True to Size

Many dress shoe manufacturers have their sizing chart. And in most cases, these sizing charts differ from one another.

With Alpine Swiss dress shoes, you can guarantee that their products are true to size. You can assure that the shoe’s sizing is correct and follows the standard shoe sizing chart.

#2 Genuine Leather

The upper section of the shoe is genuine leather. Moreover, it features leather linings and insoles.

Since the dress shoe is made of genuine leather, it has a longer lifespan than synthetic-made footwear. Likewise, it is more durable and can withstand impact.

#3 Rubber Outsole

Rubber outsole offers great traction on shoes. It reduces the chances of slippage and accidents, especially when walking on uneven and slippery grounds.

The Alpine Swiss Oxford dress shoes have a great rubber outsole. Because of its awesome traction, it enhances the wearer’s balance and stability. Additionally, it supports mobility regardless of the ground condition.

#4 Extremely Comfortable

Many say genuine leather shoes are uncomfortable. It is because of leather’s hardness as a material.

This option is unlike traditional leather shoes. Inside the footwear is extra soft padding to assure the feet stay comfortable. Also, the shoe is breathable. It supports airflow to prevent excessive sweating and discomfort.

#5 Great Design

The Alpine Swiss Lace Up Oxford Dress Shoes is great for work and professional use. It features a classic style with a versatile cap toe design that is also perfect for casual wear. Thus, if you need a pair of dress shoes for daily use, this option is a good bet.


Alpine Swiss Lace Up Oxford Dress Shoes is best for men looking for casual and work footwear. Unfortunately, it is not the ideal choice for formal wear. If you are looking for a pair of dress shoes suitable for formal events, check out other alternatives at Comfortable Dress Shoes.