Health Skin Tips: How to Take Royal Jelly

Royal jelly is a common ingredient in skincare and beauty products. But have you wondered what it is?

Royal jelly is a gelatinous substance with high nutrient content. It came from honey bees, which they produce to feed the queen and its larvae. Historically, royal jelly is a traditional medicine in Asia. Also, royal jelly is considered as food only for individuals with high statuses such as royalties and elites. Today, royal jelly is no longer food for the elites; it has become a primary component in skincare products.

Royal jelly is rich in vitamins B, C, and E, as well as minerals, antioxidants, and collagen. The substance also has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that support the healing of wounds and skin repair. Therefore, the composition of royal jelly supports healthy skin.

How to Take Royal Jelly? 

There are different ways to use this substance. Aside from using skincare and beauty products with such content, you can find it in different forms. Below is a list of different ways on how you can take royal jelly.

  1. Fresh Royal Jelly

If you prefer a natural and fresh royal jelly, there are various manufacturers out there that create and distribute fresh royal jelly.

Many prefer fresh royal jelly because it is the best form and method of using the substance. You can assure that you’ll get all the nutrients present on the jelly. Likewise, you can guarantee the product has zero artificial content and additives.

One of the best fresh royal jelly available in the market today is from Stakich. Their royal jelly is 100% pure and fresh. It is also one of the best quality royal jellies this year.

  1. Royal Jelly Capsule

Fresh royal jelly has a slightly spicy acidic sweet taste. If you never tried a fresh royal jelly before, chances are you’ll find it terrible. If you are not a fan of its taste, a good choice for you is the royal jelly capsule.

Frozen dried royal jelly has similar content to a fresh jelly. Hence, you can still obtain all the benefits minus the awful taste. If you prefer this option, check this top picks for the royal jelly capsule.

  1. Royal Jelly Cream

Royal jelly has countless benefits. It is usually used for skincare, but many utilize this substance to reduce the chances of heart failure and boost the immune system. If you are solely using royal jelly for skin care, pick a royal jelly cream.

A royal jelly cream is only for external application. It has additional content that improves skin health. You can get it as a day cream, night cream, or infused into cosmetic products.

  1. Royal Jelly Dietary Supplement

A royal jelly multi-supplement offers similar benefits to a capsule version. However, many royal jelly dietary supplements today have additional content, which includes other ingredients, as well as vitamins and minerals.


There are four different ways to take royal jelly. It is all up to you which of these options you will choose. But make sure to find premium royal jelly products coming from renowned manufacturers to assure the product are safe to use.

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