Smart Ways to Choose the Best Commercial Blender for Shakes and Smoothies

Commercial blenders are one of those kitchen tools that are now widely used by several chefs, cooks, and other kitchen experts. It is designed to withstand continuous blending tasks without signs of low blending performance or motor glitches.

Commercial blenders are often used to make thick drinks and sauces including shakes, smoothies, purees, and more. Also, these commercial blenders are tough enough to break down tough foods including hard fruits, nuts, carrots, and other hard vegetables, and even ice.

If you are currently looking for a reliable and high-performing commercial blender for shakes and smoothies, you can immediately check this suitable for both commercial as we as home use blender or you can also read these helpful tips on how to choose the best commercial blender for additional details.

Tip #1: Choose the right size

The size matters when choosing the best commercial blender for shakes and smoothies.

Will you be using the blender for home or your business? If you are planning to purchase a commercial blender for home use, there are commercial blenders that are designed with enough capacity – just enough to accommodate all your blending tasks at home, including food preparation tasks and making thick drinks.

If in case you have chosen a commercial blender for business purposes, you need to find a blender with a larger capacity – large enough to accommodate a lot of orders.

Tip #2: Always pay attention to the blender’s running power

When looking for the best commercial for shakes and smoothies, you have to check the blender’s running power, which is specified at the product’s specification.

Most of the blenders for starters are designed and manufactured with their running power at 200 watts. If you want a commercial blender that can handle almost all types of food, especially the hard ones, you have to pay attention to the blender’s running power.

For both business and home use that handles a lot of blending tasks, it is highly recommended to choose a commercial blender with more than 1000 watts for its running power; this will enable the user to crush, blend, and liquefy a lot of different types of ingredients without worrying about the consistency of the blended food.

Tip #3: It should be versatile

When choosing a commercial blender for shakes and smoothies, you have to choose one that is versatile.

Can you also use it for blending or crushing tough nuts, ice, dough, and more?

You might be wondering, “Why to purchase a blender when there are food processors that can handle tough blending jobs?” Easy, there are several food processors (another type of blender device) that can’t handle blending works when the ingredient contains liquid. For this reason, the best solution is to use a commercial blender that can handle continuous blending tasks, which includes crushing and blending tough-to-blend ingredients.

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