Automatic Pool Skimmers for your Needs

Swimming pools don’t really need that much cleaning. Much of the routine cleaning involves cleaning of the surface of the water. Using nets, the traditional way of cleaning the surface of your pool, is quite a chore. Thus, you’ll need to get an automatic pool skimmer.

Pool skimmers can save you a lot of your time and resources; choosing which one to use can be a problem though. Fortunately, Pooltronix has their own reviews of automatic pool skimmers that they’ll recommend for us. Check out which skimmer is suitable for you!

Solar-Breeze NX2 Robotic Solar Pool Cleaner

A remarkable automatic pool cleaner to come out this year is the Solar Breeze NX2. It is described to work much like the Roomba Vacuum Cleaner, only that it cleans the surface of your swimming pool. If you’re looking to getting a cleaner with unconventional properties, look at this automatic pool cleaner!

The great thing about this pool skimmer is that it is completely solar-powered; the top of the device is lined with solar panels and powers the cleaner. Most of other pool cleaning devices are either powered by batteries or by electricity. Owing to being powered by solar energy, this skimmer won’t get tangled in wires and deal so much damage on your electric bill.

The NX2 can clean up to 90% of all contaminants on the surface of your swimming pool. Its cleaning filter is of excellent quality; its surface tension allows it to catch dirt, bugs, leaves, and more, including suntan oil.

Once you turn on the NX2, it will just operate on its own without much need for interference, much like the household vacuum robot Roomba. You can just leave this on your pool, come back in ten minutes, and find that your pool surface is all cleaned up. In short, the great thing about NX2 is that it is environmentally friendly because it uses a renewable energy source. It is time saving and can be easily deployed.

Some issues are that it actually needs guidance every now and then; its guidance system is still basic. The NX2 can get stuck in corners, and it will need you to set it back into a normal course. Also, being powered by solar energy means that it can only work for so long before running out of power. When it goes down, however, it would not have power to work with.

PoolSkim Automatic Pool Skimmer and Pool Cleaner

The PoolSkim Pool Skimmer also cleans up your pool quite well, and can do so without moving at all. Even better, it is unpowered; this is actually just an attachment to your water filter. Since the filter creates some sort of suction, it has the effect of drawing in all kinds of surface contaminants towards the net of the skimmer, capturing them.

Since it is made of durable plastic material, PoolSkim can last for a long time doing its job. The net is also quite sturdy, but Pooltronix expects that you’ll be replacing the net sooner than the skimmer’s other parts.


Pooltronix is able to describe in detail the specifications of the best pool skimmers in the market, and even has video reviews of the products! But the pricing of the pool cleaners was not given mention, but Pooltronix has placed links for viewers’ convenience. Click away and get the pool cleaner that fits your style!