Why the Suunto Zoop Novo is the Best Entry Level Dive Computer?

Are you familiar with the brand Suunto? Yes… NO? Let’s find it out in this blog.

Well, if you are an avid diver, this brand is the most recognizing leader in dive computers innovation. Previously and now it continues its tradition. This Zoop Novo is the best entry-level dive computer in the world. This is handier and outperforms its competitors. If you are a recreational diver this model is what you really need. To those who want to upgrade this is also a great tool to familiarize you with the Suunto line. Thus, your future upgrade is easy and natural.

Suunto Zoop Novo is an upgrade of the original. It adds greater capabilities and provides a great introduction of the Suunto brand family of the launching dive computers.

Here, we provide you this in-depth Suunto Zoop Novo review as your guide. This also may help you in terms you want to upgrade your Zoop Novo item.

The Advantage

The four button interface helps you save time compare to single button dive computers. This is actually less navigating of menus and using all the options. What we also like is that the alarms are customizable; the big and clear display shows you the needed information.

Moreover, it has a bookmarking which allows you to save time, depth and temperature in your diving adventure. It designed with great feature especially to those who want to perform more analysis of their diving skills.

The Disadvantage

Regardless of what we like about its features, we have a small complaint. The no-fly icon does not display in the standby mode. If in the case on an active vacation – most divers are possibly not remembered to check it before the altitude change. So as much possible it is great to have an icon reminder even though we don’t activate the device yet.

How it can benefit the new divers?

This type of model is designed specifically for new divers. Novice divers who want to have the comfort of all the information they want to see in their wrist and not to learn complicated interface. Also, may help new divers not to spend a lot of bucks or spend too much time using the user manual.

Otherwise, it is not a dive computer for advanced or for technical divers who want air integration and gas switching capacity. If you are looking for more advanced we suggest searching for Suunto products which are the better fit for advanced or immediate divers.  It is particularly build to keep your diving simple, easy as well as safe for the novice. That way you can enjoy your experience and reduce the focus in your gear.

The Key Point is…

This is a great all-around dive computer which is have-it-all especially for novice divers. For recreational divers it is the only dive computer they must need. It has features which can grow with the user and rough design for years to use. The Suunto Zoop Novo is easy and durable to use where it can last for a long time.