4 Types of Portable Camping Shower for Convenient Use

Who doesn’t love outdoor activities? NO! Well, I am sure everyone loves to camp and let’s be honest. Camping can get pretty cool and dirty. However, today there are several alternatives to make your camping convenient and comfortable.

So, first thing first – most of you think about a portable shower and thankfully there are items we can find online. Especially, when you are in a hurry or you were invited to unplanned activities. And e-commerce website is the best way to search when looking for a portable shower for your camping trip.

Now, let’s take a look for some other options in which there are things we would love to recommend for your camping activities.

#1: All-around Portable Camping Shower

Huge portable showers with privacy walls are pretty cool however a sort of impractical. One item we suggest is the NemoHelio which a very light item where you can bring anywhere without a problem. Take note, the pressured flow lasts for 7 minutes which gives you an ample amount for a camping shower.

Also, it is the best portable shower, if you want a little more privacy. This portable shower would be a great addition to the WolfWise shower tent. This will give privacy while the NemoHelio offers you hot and pressurized water.

#2: Simple Shower

If you want your camping backpack as light as possible, the Simple Shower is your best friend. This item weighs 2oz only and can turn any bottled water in a cool shower. It is easy to use; you just simply hold it above the area to be washed. Don’t forget to turn upside down if you want a steady water flow.

The item is inexpensive and very light – a great tool you may want to bring with you on the trails.

#3: Coghlan’s 5 Gallon Portable Shower

It is one of the cheapest camping portable showers; it is famous for its affordable price however there is a lack of durability and features in it. Coghlan’s valve shower bag is not easy to turn off, meanwhile, the bag that holds the water is durable. In other words, leaks might occur for a couple of uses. It stores only for 3-4 showers and not to be used as a portable container for drinking water.

#4: Sea to Summit Pocket Shower

This is not the cheapest, fanciest, lightest and easiest to use. However, if you will rate the product – you would love to give it 8.5 in each category. This item weighs 4oz and can hold 10 liters of water. It is extremely durable. This has a valve which is fully opened and can provide you an ample time to shower.

It is water thrifty, for example, you are able to turn off the water while washing with soap. Thus, you may only get 2 showers with 1 refill of the bag.

When you want a hot bath, you can just fill the bag of 75 percent of whatever water you may have and fill the 25 percent with warm or boiling water. So, you may still enjoy a hot bath while in the camping trip.

We only give 4 items for you to pick out for your camping. Perhaps some of you have questions but you can email us or visit our website and drop a comment. We love to hear your voice and if in case you have an additional add on – share it and we will add it in our lists.