Tips from the Experts: Do’s and Don’ts of Sewing Machine Cleaning

A sewing machine can last long with proper maintenance. Regardless of how expensive your sewing machine is, but if you are practicing poor maintenance, there is no guarantee the equipment would last long.

Always remember that the nicer you are to your sewing machine, the better it will perform. With this, you can create wonderful quilting projects successfully.

If you have a new sewing machine but have no idea on how to maintain its performance, try to ask help from the Sewing Machine Club.

Sewing Machine Club, Who are they?

The Sewing Machine Club is an online source that provides all the details you need to learn about quilting. It provides guidelines and tips on how to start quilting projects. Aside from this, the site also offers tips for cleaning your sewing machine.

Cleaning a sewing machine seems a complicated process. Honestly, cleaning this equipment is not as tough as you think. With a proper guide, you can do the task by yourself.

Here is a simple guideline on the do’s and don’ts of cleaning a sewing machine.


¬†#1 What’s in the Manual?

Before cleaning your sewing machine, always read the manual. It contains all the instructional guides on how you should properly clean the whole sewing equipment. Take in mind that each sewing machine models are unique. Therefore, every brand and series of this equipment might have a different cleaning and maintenance process.

But what if there’s no manual?

Do not take matters in your hands. Always consult reliable online sources for sewing machine cleaning guides. If something goes wrong while cleaning the equipment, call a dealer near you that specializes in the brand of sewing machine you have.

#2 Brush Regularly

Brushing the machine keeps the dust from gathering on the sewing machine. Moreover, it prevents the equipment from rusting.

Although wiping the machine can remove the dirt on the surface, however, it won’t take out the dust on far-reaching areas. That is the reason why you need to use a brush.

#3 Oil the Sewing Machine

Oiling your sewing machine improves its performance. Applying sewing machine oil can help the machine to run smoothly. It also prevents rusting and promotes longevity of machine use.


#1 Avoid Too Much Oiling

Yes, your sewing machine requires regular oiling. However, make sure to follow the lubricating requirement on the sewing machine’s manual. Do not apply to much oil for it can damage the equipment.

#2 Cleaning the Machine While Plugged In

Never clean a sewing machine when it is plugged in. All kinds of accidents can happen when working on a plugged sewing machine. Thus, always unplug the equipment before getting started.

#3 Avoid Cleaning All Parts at Once

Do not remove all the parts when cleaning a sewing machine. Start on a small area and clean one at a time. Doing so will prevent you from confusing which screw should go in. If you completely forgot how to reassemble the sewing machine, ask help from the dealer or consult online sources like the Sewing Machine Club on what to do.

Do you need more details on how to clean your sewing machine? Find out more about this at Sewing Machine Club!