Which External Hard Drives Are Among The Most Reliable


Among the most reliable hard drives are judged according to the following criteria.

Hard disk drives vs. Solid state drives
These are the two main types of portable hard disk. The difference is mainly on how the data or information is stored for HHD data is stored on a spinning disk which is higher the cause of many HHD failure while SSDs have no moving components hence making them more reliable. SSDs are more costly.

Storage amount.
Amount of storage really matters when it comes to portable hard drives. If you are a photographer it’s highly expected for you to fill the hard drive quickly hence it’s highly recommended you get a drive with more capacity.

A vast number of drives connect via USB and most especially USB3.Although there is still USB 2.0 drives, those connecting with firewire and thunderbolt. It’s upon you to decide on the type of connection you would wish use.

Operating system.
Although most reliable external hard drive are programmed to work with both macOS as well as windows it’s important to check the level of compatibility of your drive with the type of operating system you are working with.
Here is a chart for the best portable hard drive in the market according to their suitability

1. 2TB Hard Drive Western Digital Elements

Here are the reasons why you will love the 2TB Hard Drive Western Digital Elements, for starters this has and is still a leading name in the word of hard drives for both the external and internal drives. The firm’s drives are very reliable as well as affordable thus when well-taken care of. The driver boasts up to two Terabytes of storage space, this too much for most of us. This carters for those with even bigger needs for storage.

Touching on connection speeds, the portable drive connects via USB 3.0 as it offers a speed of 5 gigabytes per second which in drive speed is very fast. It is formatted for windows operating system, but it’s easily reformatted for macOS serving every operating system.

The drive is affordable it goes for $75 as its 1TB version goes for $55.its highly ranked in amazon with 4.6 stars. Its con is its low write speed of 5400 rotations in a minute, this can be a disadvantage to those in audio and video editing industry but most individuals need are catered for with this great option

2. Seagate Expansion 4TB hard drive

If you are looking for a great drive in terms of capacity Seagate is your option, it has a 4TB storage capacity, USB of 3.0 with a backward compatibility of USB 2.0 matching those with old computers, it is formatted for windows by default, making this a tradeoff for Mac users.

3. G-Technology G-Drive

This drive comes in handy for those individuals with the need of a faster write and read speeds. Are you planning to edit a video or audio file on a portable hard drive, then this is your best option? Its speed is 7200 rotations per minute. As opposed to other hard drives this is already pre-formatted for both Windows and Mac operating system.
Its biggest con is its price given it comes with less storage space.