Which External Hard Drives Are Among The Most Reliable


Among the most reliable hard drives are judged according to the following criteria.

Hard disk drives vs. Solid state drives
These are the two main types of portable hard disk. The difference is mainly on how the data or information is stored for HHD data is stored on a spinning disk which is higher the cause of many HHD failure while SSDs have no moving components hence making them more reliable. SSDs are more costly.

Storage amount.
Amount of storage really matters when it comes to portable hard drives. If you are a photographer it’s highly expected for you to fill the hard drive quickly hence it’s highly recommended you get a drive with more capacity.

A vast number of drives connect via USB and most especially USB3.Although there is still USB 2.0 drives, those connecting with firewire and thunderbolt. It’s upon you to decide on the type of connection you would wish use.

Operating system.
Although most reliable external hard drive are programmed to work with both macOS as well as windows it’s important to check the level of compatibility of your drive with the type of operating system you are working with.
Here is a chart for the best portable hard drive in the market according to their suitability

1. 2TB Hard Drive Western Digital Elements

Here are the reasons why you will love the 2TB Hard Drive Western Digital Elements, for starters this has and is still a leading name in the word of hard drives for both the external and internal drives. The firm’s drives are very reliable as well as affordable thus when well-taken care of. The driver boasts up to two Terabytes of storage space, this too much for most of us. This carters for those with even bigger needs for storage.

Touching on connection speeds, the portable drive connects via USB 3.0 as it offers a speed of 5 gigabytes per second which in drive speed is very fast. It is formatted for windows operating system, but it’s easily reformatted for macOS serving every operating system.

The drive is affordable it goes for $75 as its 1TB version goes for $55.its highly ranked in amazon with 4.6 stars. Its con is its low write speed of 5400 rotations in a minute, this can be a disadvantage to those in audio and video editing industry but most individuals need are catered for with this great option

2. Seagate Expansion 4TB hard drive

If you are looking for a great drive in terms of capacity Seagate is your option, it has a 4TB storage capacity, USB of 3.0 with a backward compatibility of USB 2.0 matching those with old computers, it is formatted for windows by default, making this a tradeoff for Mac users.

3. G-Technology G-Drive

This drive comes in handy for those individuals with the need of a faster write and read speeds. Are you planning to edit a video or audio file on a portable hard drive, then this is your best option? Its speed is 7200 rotations per minute. As opposed to other hard drives this is already pre-formatted for both Windows and Mac operating system.
Its biggest con is its price given it comes with less storage space.


The Best Toilet Seats On The Market

You may not know this, but your toilet seat is very important if you really think about it. The toilet seat will be a fixture in your home for quite some time, if you’re lucky. That’s right, choosing a toilet seat can be slightly tricky. That’s because a toilet seat today isn’t what it once was.

Today’s toilets can take a lot of the work your shoulders that it used to never be able to do. Personalized spa’s are a great luxury to have, and today’s leading manufacturers are making toilet seats to last with their durable construction.

Let’s take a look at three toilet seats,that could make your home a happy bathroom home.

Mayfair 48E2-030

Mayfair has been around the toilet game for nearly fifty years. Providing great products and above the norm satisfaction to their customer-base.

They don’t disappoint with the Mayfair 48E2. This seat is made with luxuries that enhance the user’s experience each and everytime its used.

Made out of molded wood, the slow close feature allows for a quiet and safe touch for your bathroom experience. No more pinching your fingers, and no more loud slams.

Fits all manufacturer’s toilet bowls in Canada and the U.S and the Mayfair comes with a one year warrant for peace of mind.


  • Environmentally friendly
  • Quiet and safe
  • One year warranty
  • The seat fastening system that the seat is made of allows for easy installation as well as added assurance that your seat won’t loosen on you.


No weight limit listed, and yet customers have complained that the seat isn’t made for people weighing over 250lbs.

American Standard 5325.010.020 Champion

Everything about this toilet seat spells C.H.A.M.P.I.O.N. The American Standard Champion seat is made out of solid plastic and come with a cover. It’s sleek and elegant and reasonably priced, so it can be enjoyed by many.

The Champion is made with an easy life off hinges for easy cleaning and easy installing. Fits any toilet bowl out there on the market made by U.S. or Canada manufacturers.


  • Highly durable made from firm and strong plastic.
  • Very comfortable.
  • Slow close defeats loud slams and pinched fingers.


The slow close feature may be a nusiance at times. Customers have complained about having to guide the seat up because it took too long for the seat to go up.

Toto Washlet S350E

Okay, so the other two toilet seats were very nice and all, but this toilet seat seperates the ordinary experience to a luxuries experiences and here’s why:

Toto’s Washlet seat comes equipped with a luxurious elongate shape for extra soothing comfort. Front and rear warm water spray, pressure controls, adjustable temps, and automatic open and close features that really personalize a spa like experience.

A one year warranty to add a litte assurance to the customer, and you also get a illuminate touch pad remote with a two user memory. Now that’s a seat.


  • Warranty
  • Durable and elegant design
  • Pre cleaning mist before every use.
  • Easy open and close for convenient use.


The e-water system, that is used to clean your toilet bowl with the pre cleaning mist works every eight hours. What that means, is that it’ll clean at night and can often be a little noisy. Some customers have complained about the e-water system cleaning being disruptive during their sleep.


The toilet seat market is catering towards offering a personalized spa like environment. The luxuries people want are different than years past. With Toto’s Washlet seat, you get that luxury at a fair price, and the warranty will give you the reassurance of having a quality seat in your bathroom for a long time. Choosing one of these three seats will give you everything you need for you and your bathroom for a long time.

Know These Tips Before You Buy Rain Boots

The rain boot has been with us a very long time. However, not all of us have actually ever seen a rain boot. Other people would not be caught dead without a rain boot set in their closet. Just what is the rain boot and why do some people consider it to be such a staple of their wardrobes?

A good rain boot will be made of a material that is water repellent, whether the water is in the form of falling rain or puddles on the sidewalk. The object is to keep your foot dry, and anything else that happens to be on the foot at the time. At one time, the rain boot was considered a practicality, and was not manufactured with an eye to making a fashion statement. These days, however, you can obtain a rain boot is just about any color you can think of, and even some slight variation on the style as well.

In order to get the best fit for a rain boot, it is important to take into consideration your gender as well as your foot size. There are subtle differences in the configuration of the foot of the male from that of the female. Just as you would take this into consideration when buying a pair of shoes, you would do the same with the rain boot. A snug but comfortable fit is your goal, so this only makes sense. Below are some tips to guide you when shopping for a wide calf rain boot.

Ease of putting on and off

This is very crucial, make sure the pair has enough room or that you get the right size. Sometimes you might have to try different sizes to get the one that is perfect for you. For individuals with wide calf’s a stretch boot or a boot with a zipper will be ideal. But, still get the right size even though the boot is designed to get over your calf. A good rule of thumb when trying shoes is to ask for your size and then one size above and below to try out.

Water Proof

Most hunter rain boots are waterproof, but some have a threshold they resist before the material breaks down and starts letting in some moisture. Pay attention to the material the shoe is made of and ask questions. If you sweat a lot under your feet or calf, there are pairs with anti microbial linings that will absorb the sweat and prevent odor build up and discomfort.


Even though you need the right foot wear to be able to function during wet days, you still need to be comfortable in the boot you have on. Getting a wide calf rain boot is number one; you do not want to cut off circulation to your legs. If you have wide feet too, make sure the one you invest in comes with a W or wide in your size. You do not want to end up with blisters due to an ill fitting shoe.

Depending on the season, wet days are normally associated with a drop in temperature, so it is Important that you get a foot wear that has an inner lining that will keep your feet warm. If it those not have any linings, an alternative will be to wear some thick socks when you have the boot on.

You should still enjoy life, no matter what the weather is doing. Follow the above guidelines to get the right footwear. Slip on your wide calf Nomads boots and take the dog for a walk. You can still do grocery shopping or go to the office without getting your feet wet. Most of all you can put on your pair and take a stroll along your favorite trail and enjoy nature especially after a down pour.