Latest Reviews Of Iphone VR Headsets

The virtual reality is getting more and more popular nowadays. It allows a person to feel a video like a real life thing. These VR headsets come for Playstation and Android. Samsung Gear VR is very popular these days nut unfortunately, it is supported only with Samsung Galaxy S6 or higher models of Samsung Galaxy S series which means that it will not work with any iOS device. And not only Gear VR, there is actually no VR headset made for iPhone but some can be used with iPhones. So without any further ado, let’s check the iPhone compatible VR Headsets.


This one is compatible with phones like iPhone 6S Plus. The focal length of this headset can be adjusted. The field of view is of 100 degrees. There is a strap which holds the device to your head and it can be adjusted according to one’s head’s size. This headset is lightweighted which is a good thing as it also covers the upper part of your nose and heavy headsets may cause a bit pain which makes them quite uncomfortable. And this headset is compatible with most of the phones other than iPhone. The price is also very affordable for a VR headset.


This is mostly considered the best VR headset for iPhones according to iphone vr headset reviews. Usually, the VR headsets are made of hard plastic but the Merge VR is made up of foam. Its whole body is of soft foam and it also has a strap to hold it on your head. Because it’s foam, it feels incredibly light and comfortable on the head. It also allows you to adjust the focal length. There are 2 sliders at the top of the headset which helps in managing the dual lens focus and user controls. The price for this VR headset is very cheap for what it provides.


This is just like the Homido VR Headset in features. As the name suggests, it is made up of cardboard only. These headsets are portable. You can carry them anywhere easily. Although there is a chance for these to get broken easily because of the body material. There is also an unofficial Cardboard VR which is extremely cheap and the official Google Cardboard VR can be folded and comes at a low price. There is no strap or anything available to tie it to your head and thus it will cause pain in your hands while watching longer videos and you cannot play games also.


The View Master DLX VR is a bit different from other headsets as its phone mount is redesigned so much more phones could fit in it. There is a focal wheel available for viewing sharper images. Headphones are supported and the lens is upgraded. The View Master DLX also comes with some different skins like Batman etc. Due to the redesigned phone mount, the regular iPhone and iPhone S models are compatible and easily adjusted in it. The functionality is also good.
So these were the Virtual Reality headsets which will work with your iPhones. These headsets provided above support most of the iPhones and work pretty good for average experience of VR. But the Merge VR beats all the headsets because of the design, comfort and functionality but it all depends on the person that what he needs.