What To Know Before Hiring A Limousine



When holding a special event and you want to give your guests that VIP treatment then using limousine services will help you achieve this. Limousines help us in creating social buzz during special events. Selecting the perfect limousine can be daunting especially with the ever increasing limousine service categories. Deciding on which type of limousine one has to settle with depends on a number of factors. Thankfully with the tips highlighted in this article & in www.limohiredublin.ie you will find the perfect limousine for your occasion. Here is a guide on what to know before hiring a limousine.

Number of guests expected

The number of guests greatly determine the limousine service that you are going to hire. A large number will require a bigger limousine or more limousines. Limousines are designed to seat a certain number of guests comfortably. Fixing to many people in one limousine might end up defeating the purpose of hiring a limousine. Limos are designed to offer elegance and class, for this reason one should look into the number of expected guests and predict which limousine service they should use. Guests should have that VIP treatment which makes the event successful. If it is just for a small party with a small number expected, you can look into a more comfortable limo.


Pricing is critical especially when you are operating under a tight budget. Different limousine services price their services at different rates but this should not affect the overall experience. If your budget is tight you might opt to use an hourly rate compared to hiring the car the whole day. Always check the availability of the limousine days prior to your occasion. This is to avoid being overcharged due to late bookings. Different classes offer different rates and it is vital to find your perfect selection. If you want your occasion to be just perfect,then choose what your heart desires.

Check online reviews of the limousine company

Reviews are vital and help us make informed decisions. Fortunately, in this digital era, clients prefer leaving reviews online about their experience with a company. To avoid disappointment it is vital that we check reviews concerning the limousine company of interest. Google reviews is one of the most commonly used review board. You can just google the name of any limousine service you are interested in, and you will most likely find out how they had treated other clients. Facebook too is vital tool when it comes to reviews. By just visiting the company’s profile we find user reviews concerning the quality of service offered. There are more review boards and checking on them will help you in selecting just the right company.

Types of services offered by the limousine company

Limousine companies offer different packages and this can be a determining factor when selecting one. After sale services might include huge discounts, shopping vouchers, premium chauffeur services, private jets and more which will help you select the right company. To entice those looking forward to create an impression, limo services might hire out high end cars. Wine and en-route services are included by companies to make your occasion completely worth it. Always look into what a package entails and them make an informed decision.