Reviewing The Best Mattress Toppers In The Market

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More often than not, the best mattress topper are confused with mattress pads. Moreover, it is an observed phenomenon to find people using the two terms rather interchangeably. However, people should be made to understand that the two are different products and, to a greater extent, each has a distinctive purpose that distinguishes it from the other.

For starters, and for purposes of clarifying the existing difference between toppers and pads, a distinction should be made. Mattress pads are generally used as a protective outer cover of the mattress and most importantly provide some sort of softening to the mattress. It should be noted that mattress pads are normally placed over the toppers to act as protectors to the mattress. On the other hand, toppers are used exclusively to improve the comfort offered by the mattress. Mattress toppers are different, varied and with a range of specifications depending on the buyer. Some of the most commonly found toppers in the market today are discussed below.

Memory Foam Mattress Toppers

These types of toppers are the most popular and considered effective in improving the comfort of the mattress. Moreover, they are available in different varieties always determined by the individual preferences. However, some of them are known to have the ability to trap heat as well as maintain high temperatures. Moreover, the fact that they are thick and mostly of higher density make them difficult to move on and relatively heavy compared to other toppers.

Feather (bed) Mattress Toppers

These types of toppers are effective in softening the mattress as well as making it firm. Moreover, they are relatively light in weight compared to the former and retain less heat. However, some of them lack adequate thickness and their continuous shaking may make the feathers poke out through the cover which at times may be painful. Moreover, they are noisy and require dry cleaning at regular intervals.

Latex Mattress Toppers

Latex mattress toppers add firmness to the mattress offering some sort of relief to pain. Moreover, most of them are in natural varieties making them less likely to retain heat and have an odor. However, they are expensive and rarely available in the market and come with an odor that is difficult to remove.

Fiber (bed) Down Alternative Mattress Toppers

The most cutting-edge feature of these toppers is that they are relatively cheap as compared to other toppers as per mattress topper reviews and most of them rarely have the potential to cause allergic reactions. However, they may be thin for some buyers and their fluffy foam needs regular maintenance so as to maintain the comfort and loftiness.  Moreover, machine washing may completely damage them.

Wool Mattress Pad-Toppers

Toppers made of wool are effective in softening and making the mattress firm. The main advantage they have over the other toppers is that they are durable and mostly long lasting. However, potential buyers should be aware that they are relatively costly and may not be preferred by others due to their regular shaking and difficulty in maintaining its fluffiness.

Irrespective of the different types of toppers existing in the market today, the main advantages of using them are that they give an aging mattress age, improve the comfort of new mattresses as well. However, not all toppers are effective, some come with initial odor while others soften the mattress such that they increase the heat while using them.

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